VGMarket is a leading global market research firm specializing in entertainment, media, and technology. We are the largest provider of customized consumer research to the video game industry. Servicing more than 50 video game companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies in telecommunications, retail, and mobile applications, we provide superior market research services in seven areas:

1. Experience: We have conducted 1000+ playtests, focus groups, UI tests, and surveys. VGMarket runs more video game research studies per year than any other vendor.
2. Benchmarking: Extensive normative database generated through the collection of consistent data points across thousands of consumer surveys. We maintain the largest database of video game playtest scores in the industry.
3. Recruiting: We recruit for qualitative studies using our own proprietary database and our internal team of recruiters rather than outsourcing to 3rd-party recruiting firms or facilities. We provide five measures of quality control on your recruit: database registration, email screening, phone screening, LinkedIn/Facebook check, and in-person re-screening.
4. Turn-around Time: Topline report delivered in 48 hours upon completion of all projects, including weekends.
5. Service: VGMarket is available 18 hours/day, 7 days/week, leveraging an internal daytime and nighttime staff.
6. Panel: Ages 13+. Focused on entertainment, media, and technology.
7. In-House Capabilities: VGMarket is unique in that each component of your research is handled internally rather than outsourced to 3rd-party agencies. Even the recruiting for qualitative studies is done in-house. As a result, our quality, speed, and pricing is superior to other full service research firms, which are generally outsourcing various components of the project.
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