We offer a range of services to meet your research needs.

Online Survey Research

  • MARKET SEGMENTATION AND SIZING: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the consumer segments that exist within an industry. Size the segments. Identify opportunities for new products.
  • CONCEPT: Gauge the viability of a concept before investing in development. Identify the key strengths and areas of improvement of the concept. Hone in on the target audience(s) that is most receptive to the concept. Gather consumer feedback on positioning statements, concept description, feature list, key art, and video footage.
  • PRE-LAUNCH: Effectively market the product through building a comprehensive psychographic, demographic, technographic, and media consumption profile of the target audience Test price points, ads, box art, and more.
  • POST-LAUNCH: Gather consumer feedback on a launched product to gain insights for future development. Quantify customer satisfaction and intent to purchase a sequel. Test the appeal and optimal pricing for microtransactions before investing in development.

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icon-focus-groupsPlaytesting and Focus Groups

  • Conduct hands-on product testing or traditional focus groups with a large sample of 100-300+ consumers or a small sample of 20-60 consumers in one or more cities worldwide.
  • You will have total control over the recruiting criteria of your respondents. Recruiting is handled by VGMarket’s internal staff rather than outsourced to 3rd party agencies in order to ensure that respondents will meet your exact criteria. We provide five measures of quality control on your recruit: database registration, email screening, phone screening, LinkedIn/Facebook check, and in-person re-screening.
  • VGMarket can conduct single-player, cooperative, or multiplayer playtests.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of product quality from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective, as respondents evaluate the product both through individual surveys and in a moderated group discussions.
  • Traditional focus groups are also available to explore any topic qualitatively, with 6-8 respondents per group, and multiple groups conducted in order to cover all of the target audiences.
  • The moderator will have experience conducting 1,000+ groups. Watch and direct the discussion in real time with VGMarket’s live video stream and integrated chat, provided as part of every playtest and focus group at no charge.
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i-usability-testingUsability Testing

  • Perfect the user interface of video games, websites, apps, or any product with moderated one-on-one usability sessions.
  • We will recruit users with demographic and behavioral profiles that meet your desired specifications
  • We will develop a customized discussion guide that is unique to the user interface of your product
  • Our experienced moderator will observe the first-time user experience through one-on-one sessions and identify the areas of improvement
  • Cameras record the user’s face and screen
  • Watch and direct the discussion in real time with VGMarket’s live video stream and integrated chat, provided as part of every playtest and focus group at no charge.
  • This methodology is applicable to both unreleased prototypes and launched products.
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i-sample-onlySample Only

  • Access VGMarket’s panel of gamers and techn consumers ages 13+ in 45 countries worldwide. We can also provide sample of children under the age of 13 by contacting the parents.
  • VGMarket’s sample-only service is for end clients and market research firms that already have a survey programmed and only need to outsource the sample collection.
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