Online Survey Research

From $5000

  • CONCEPT: Identify the most feasible target market based on psychographic and demographic variables, and tailor a new video game concept to the demands of that market. Use the market profile to guide the development process from start to finish.
  • PRE-LAUNCH: Optimize the marketing mix with comprehensive survey research in pricing, ad testing, pack testing, predictive modeling, and more.
  • POST-LAUNCH: Quantify customer satisfaction and intent to purchase a sequel. Correlate feature scores to overall satisfaction to gain insights for future development. Test the appeal and optimal pricing for microtransactional product offerings before investing in development.
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Playtesting and Focus Groups

From $3000

  • Test a video game concept, demo, or work-in-progress with 100+ live respondents in any city worldwide, with any number of market segments. VGMarket can conduct single-player, cooperative, or multiplayer playtests.
  • Gain a comprehensive review of the product with combined quantitative and qualitative feedback. Respondents evaluate the product both in individual surveys and in a moderated group discussion.
  • Watch and direct the discussion in real time with VGMarket’s live video stream and integrated chat. Type questions in chat and the moderator will relay them directly to the group. Receive a DVD recording of all group discussions at no additional charge.
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Usability Testing

From $2000

  • Attain a deep understanding of the video game, website, or application’s interface issues with one-on-one moderated usability sessions. VGMarket can conduct testing in any city worldwide.
  • Obtain the information needed to refine the product’s interface. Respondents are constantly communicating their thoughts as VGMarket’s moderator observes and instructs.
  • Watch and direct usability sessions in real time with VGMarket’s live video stream and integrated chat. Type questions into chat and the moderator will relay them directly to respondents. DVD recordings of all sessions are provided at no additional charge.
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Sample Only

From $1000

  • Access VGMarket’s high-quality panels of 2.08 million teen and adult consumers in more than 45 countries around the world. VGMarket offers a sample-only service to market research and consulting firms that already have a survey programmed and only need to outsource the fieldwork or “sample collection.”
  • VGMarket is dedicated to meeting your business needs. If you would like any custom services, please do not hesitate to inquire about feasibility and costs. High quality, verifiable research at a low cost is our core business philosophy. Great service comes complimentary.
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